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Crystallex International Corporation is a Canadian-based gold company with a successful record of developing and operating gold mines in Venezuela and elsewhere in South America



Tetra Bio-Pharma Reports Approval by Health Canada of its Phase 1 Trial of dried Cannabis

  • Health Canada approved phase I clinical study of smoked cannabis

We are very pleased to announce the authorization of the Phase I clinical trial by TPD. This is an important milestone in the clinical development of smoked Cannabis in North America and we are proud to be working with Algorithme pharma, a Clinical Research Organization with many years of experience and expertise in the conduct of Phase I clinical studies, said Dr. Chamberland, Chief Science Officer.

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I emailed David Cohen and Delina Contractor and cc'd Justine Fine the following questions:

  1. Would any legal action on your part equally benefit all shareholders/citizens on both side of “the wall”
  2. Are you allowed to negotiate a settlement outside of starting legal proceedings?  If so, would any resulting benefit be for only opt-in shareholders or for all shareholders?
  3. If you proceed with formal legal action, would any resulting benefit be for only opt-in shareholders or for all shareholders?
  4. If the answer to both questions #2 and #3 is “for the benefit of all shareholders”, then, (other than fairness to Gowling), what are the reasons that an individual should choose to opt-in?
  5. Why now – why is there a current push on the opt-in roster?
  6. Do you anticipate anything concerning a proposed payout from the company in the next 90 days or so?
  7. If after the reviewing the company’s proposal, Gowling decides on their own, that pursuing further action is not worth Gowling’s time, are there any monies due to Gowling from the opted in group?
  8. If Gowling is prepared to proceed and The Committee chooses not to proceed, what is the payment obligation to Gowling?
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