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Message: Cowen presentation significance

Hi all,


Been a while. Although I have not been posting, I have been following (and neither have I sold a single one of my shares). Thank you for some of the excellent posting you have been doing with special mention to Bear and BKC - we are lucky to have 2 such high quality fellow shareholders.


Perhaps I missed it, but has anyone remarked on the significance of the Cowen presentation? Cowen is a proper shop. I find it interesting (and potentially very positive) that RVX presented at their conf. To me it increases the likelihood that RVX is going to do a proper bit of investor marketing and fund raising. If so this would likely involve a significant ramp in the shareprice. This could serve to clear the LOC. Either way I don't lose too much sleep over the LOC overhang - the shares are grossly undervalued even with full LOC dilution if a placing was done at these levels.

I thought the Cowen presentation looked like a good one. The most investor focused one I have seen to date.

All the best


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