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Xylitol Canada Discusses 60% Revenue Growth for the 9 Months Ended Sept 30th

Welcome to “Beyond The Press Release” a production of AGORACOM in which we speak with small cap executives about their recent press releases. With us today is Matt Willer, VP of Sales and Marketing of Xylitol Canada.

Xylitol Canada is a fast growing natural sweetener company that manufactures 100% North American derived Xylitol Products. Xylitol recently announced 60% revenue growth for the nine months ended Sept 30, 2014.

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Message: AGORACOM Welcomes Sonomax Technologies As Newest Sponsor!

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Re: AGORACOM Welcomes Sonomax Technologies As Newest Sponsor!

posted on Apr 05, 12 12:31PM

Yep, it's a huge exposure. Hats off to Agoracom!!


As 1 of only 12 companies able to participate in the AGORACOM sponsorship program, Sonomax will receive significant exposure through 10,000,000 content brand insertions on the AGORACOM network over the next 12 months, as well as, exclusive monthly sponsorships of invaluable digital properties such as AGORACOM TV, the AGORACOM home page and the AGORACOM Twitter account.

George Tsiolis, Founder of AGORACOM stated "I have stated for several years that Canadians do not do enough to showcase and brag about our technology superstars. Too often, we look to Silicon Valley for leadership when we should be looking right in our own backyard. I looked in Montreal and I found Sonomax, a company for all Canadians to be proud of. Through its participation in the AGORACOM 10,000,000 branding program, I'm proud to say that Sonomax will now be discovered by our massive audience of online small-cap investors."

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Sonomax has changed a lot in the last year. Moving from proof of concept to production, they have optimized their Sonofit custom molded earphones technology to be more robust and easier to use. The... read more

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