e.Digital's Flash-R™ patent portfolio contains fundamental technology essential to the utilization of flash memory in today's large and growing portable electronic products market.
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Capitalizing on Brazil’s Growing Demand for Fertilizer

  • Direct Application Natural Fertilizer (DANF) product is in demand in the region
  • Flagship asset, the Bomfim Project, is 100% owned and located in one of the world’s fastest growing agrarian regions
  • Bomfim Processing Plant operating at full capacity
  • On track to produce at least ~100,000 tonnes of DANF in 2015
  • Sales contracts in place for 2015 planting season: 81,100 tonnes for ~C$8.5 million

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Mark Gurries Testimony

posted on Feb 21, 12 12:31PM

It is my opinion that a person of ordinary skill in the art would have interpreted the “ regulated components” of claim 1 to be components that require a supply of “ electrical power” that has the characteristic of being defined voltage that is held constant during normal operation.

Components of claim 1 that are “regulated components are a “ microphone element” , “ contrl circuitry “ , a “receiving socket”, and a speaker.See 774 patent Fig 5 , and 7: 15-26

I hereby declare that all statement made here in of my own knowledge are true and that all statement made on information and belief are believed to be true;

And further that these statements were made with a knowledge that wilfull false statement and the like so made are punishable by fine or imprisonement, or both under section 1001 of title 18 of the united states code that such wilful false statementmay jeoparaize the validity of the patent under reexamination.

Mark Gurries 1 / 19 / 2012

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