• company

    Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (PINK: MCOA)

    Company is at the forefront of hemp marketing and distribution. Cannabis sales in US expected to be more than $40 Billion by 2020.

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    Namaste Technologies Inc. (CSE: N)

    #1 Vaporizer distributor in Europe with Proforma 12 Month Trailing Revenues $10M as Of August 31, proprietary products launched, perfect market timing for expansion.

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    VGambling Inc (OTCBB: GMBL)

    "The Business of eSports Is Set To Explode.... Billions of dollars will soon be wagered on eSports competitions. Brands, consultants and investors are always looking for the next great opportunity and eSports appears to be an able applicant for the role.” Forbes Magazine, October 15, 2015