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1. Why An Online Conference?

An Online conference is a significant improvement to traditional conferences for many reasons. The most important reason is they provide investors from anywhere in the world an opportunity to participate. They can actually watch presentations and interact with management and shareholders. No traveling, no expenses, no time off work.

Public companies gain the significant advantage of presenting their message to a global audience, not a local audience. More importantly, they can do it at dramatically reduced expenditures and time.

2. This Concept Is New To Me. How Do I Navigate The Conference?

We're happy to provide you with a quick but helpful 5-minute “How To” video that will take you on a guided tour of the conference to help you get a hang of it. Most of you won’t need it because we’ve set up the conference part of our site much like any other conference page you’ve visited. Specifically, sections pertaining to exhibitors, agendas, speaker bios, etc. are all par for the course. Just find the companies / speakers you like and click through.

3. Can I Only Watch A Company Presentation Or Speaker At The Scheduled Time?

No, think of this as a “conference on-demand”. You can watch any company or speaker presentation anytime after 9AM EST on December 3rd. The conference schedule indicates the times at which company officials will be available for live Q&A.

4. Do I Need To Download Or Have Any Special Software To Participate?

No, your browser is all you need. While we are on the topic, we always recommend updating your browser to get the most out of any website you visit.

5. Is There A Cost For Investors?

No, the conference is free to investors. Public companies pay to exhibit and present.

6. If I Register, Will You Give My Information Away?

Absolutely not. AGORACOM has managed its own members list, as well as, our client investor lists for years now and we’ve never sold or rented an e-mail address. It’s wrong and, quite frankly, we don’t think e-mail marketing works all that well.

7. Do You Plan To Hold More Online Conferences In The Future?

We strongly believe in the future of online conferences, so expect to see more great AGORACOM Online Conferences in 2010 and beyond.

8. Do You Think This Is The End Of Traditional Conferences?

Not at all. There will always be a need for good face-to-face conferences. However, we do believe there will be far fewer traditional conferences because our online conference model is far more efficient and inclusive.

More than just lip service, have a look at an AGORACOM survey of investors on this very issue. The financial struggles of traditional media companies (cable and print) as a result of losing viewership to the web only serves to further support our conclusion.

9. I Have A Question That Is Not Answered Here

No problem, we’re here to help. Just go to contact us at the top of the page to ask any specific question.

10. What Does “AGORACOM” Mean?

The name has strong ties to Ancient Greece. You’ll have to read about it here. Hey, we’re Greek and proud of it!

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