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Message: Question ? Why Ventana and not Greystar?

All in my opinion, do your own DD, this is not investment advice.

Suphides versus oxides is your answer.

GSL toutes that they have 15million ounces or whatever. Problem is 12+ of those are locked in sulphides. Sulphides will require some standard milling/floatation extraction procedure which at very best should cost around $40 a tonne. With gold at $950, and the grade of the deposit at around a gram you get around $32 worth of gold out of every tonne of rock. I don't know many people who would want to spend $40 to get $32 back ...you wont stay in business long. The other 2+million ounces GSL has that are in oxides is attractive. Oxides can be heap leeched for maybe $6 a tonne ....spending $6 to get $32 is a good proposition...

VEN is also a sulphide deposit but at 7 grams per tonne mining it should produce something like $220 per tonne of rock extracted. Nothing wrong with spending $40 a tonne to get $220 back.

Long and the short of it is that when you hear about these large low grade 1 gram per tonne gold deposits, the first hting you should be looking at is whether mother nature has helped it out by oxidizing it. If she hasn't, you better hope gold takes off to $1500 or more. This is also why I have never owned osisko or detour lake.

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