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Message: hey boys (girls?)

hey boys (girls?)

posted on Nov 11, 2009 09:16PM

With gold once again breaking new highs this evening I'm hoping we can help each other out here. We're in the midst of one heck of a run in terms of spot gold and no plays have come up. By "play" I suspect we will see a promo rather than the real deal soley because the real deal is so rare, but a lot of money can be made on a promo provided you realize what it is before the masses. Either way I want in early on it as it's sure to be a feeding frenzy. I know from talking to some of the bigger wallet gold "players" that when the next one comes along here it is going to go like we haven't seen before.

Wondering if we can help each other out by posting any NR's that might look promising. I have all the news feeds but we all have to leave our desks every now and then ; ) Personal commentaries would be optional to ensure that your not giving an endorsement if that helps...let everyone read them for themself and make up their own mind if it will be the one. I hate the idea of polluting the board so if anyone has other ideas please post ....If prefferred feel free to litter my inbox.

Long and short is that you don't get this type of opportunity (gold break all time highs) to make easy money many times in your life ...



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