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Message: AGORACOM Allegations

Interesting videos Ab, but getting away from pumpers Grandich and Condell, who of course are entitled to their opinions, whether we respect them or not is another matter.

Here in Agoracom land we are running into a bit of a problem, once accused, guilty as sin, let's not wait for any evidence there is no fun in that.

That being said, that old relationship between smoke and fire rears its ugly head. Agoracom could very well be guilty as accused, however I doubt to the extent that has been claimed by the OSC. If they are guilty, it would be more of stupidity, or perhaps of bad judgement.

Getting back to smoke and fire, that is a two way street, we must remember that Agoracom did p*ss of some of the big boys and the OSC. We all know how much the OSC cares about the welfare of the small retail investor don't we?

As George has mentioned, the NOT and ARU Hubs were burrs in the behinds of some who perceive themselves as not having to pay attention to the pygmies in the investment world. So, blow a little smoke in the OSC's ear and, 'Presto!' you have fire.

I was introduced to Agoracom through the ARU Hub, and although ARU was not a great experience investment wise, it was a wonderful experience on a personal basis.

Through the Hub I was introduced to people with expertise far greater than mine. These people passed on their observations, insights, knowledge, and all for free, literally a treasury of information.

In addition, there was banter, jokes, arguments, oh boy, there was arguments, for those ex-Hub members, who could forget Fearless and Britnick going at it hammer and tongs, it could get pretty vitriolic at times, but then we all need a little acid now and then. The Hitler videos from aitakahashi, how do you think Tye liked those?

Now, whether there was Agoracom pumpers on that site I really don't know and at this stage I don't care. What I do care about is the ability to communicate with others. Share thoughts and ideas with other small retail investors, and yes, grateful for having mistakes pointed out, whether it's in the manner of, "don't be so stupid," or in a gentler manner. That could disapper if Agoracom goes, now wouldn't that make the OSC happy. By the way, there was a pretty good video out by Evan Solomon on the CBC, which was a pretty damning indictment on the OSC, however, mysteriously it has now disappeared.

As a parting word, I don't work for Agoracom, I have never worked for Agoracom, in fact I'm too old and lazy to work for anyone, my wife will attest to that.

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