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What is Graphite?

Graphite is a low density allotrope of the element carbon. This naturally occurring element is soft to touch and comes in black color. In its innate form it is used as a dry lubricant. The electric conductivity of graphite makes it a popular choice for electrodes. When this element is mixed with clay it goes onto form the compound called 'lead', which is used in pencils. Graphite is also known as black lead.

What are the Uses of Graphite?

  • The primary use of graphite is in making the lead for pencils.
  • Natural graphite is used in the refractories to line molds for cannon balls, which results in rounder, smoother balls that could be fired further particularly from ships.
  • It is used for steelmaking, in making expanded graphite, brake linings, foundry facings, and lubricants.
  • Graphite was used in the early ages to create ceramic paint for pottery decoration.

What is the Outlook for Graphite?

Automotive and iron and steel industries set trends for the global graphite market being the key end-use application areas for the material. The demand for graphite was plummeting during the recession period, but today along with the overall economic recovery is gradually coming up. The world market for graphite is expected to climb to the height of$7.5mln in a four-year period.

Today the Indian graphite industry has come up as a rather competitive player. Its lavish advances in technologies, the capability to produce good quality and cost-effective graphite will undoubtedly ensure one of the key places on the graphite market competitive landscape.

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