Moving ahead at Ruby Creek: developing a world-class Molybdenum producer

Message: Small Canada miners struggle to raise funds (reformatted)

Perry -

Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response.  I agree that some combination of these factors is having the negative impact on the share price. 

I personally feel that the "normal" SP retreat that occurs in that portion of the development cycle that happens between the detailed outlining of the resource and the start of actual production is happening now.  As you suggested, the is a lull in the "action" so the public becomes disinterested.

But I also like your suggestion about the effect of naked short selling(NSS).  I am of the belief that NSS is the motive behind most of the "bashers" that exist on the SH BB.  What other motive could one have for attacking a company (other that an perverse ego)?  And by bashing the company they enrich the portfolios.

Let's hope that constuction moves forward for AUA and the the SP rises to reflect their achievements.

- Panamax

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