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Message: NFK
Thanks djje. Hopefully Noront will come up over .33 - .35 and then go back down again, so that I can sell some and buy them back while slowly massing a decent profit to venture beyond Noront. I don't anticipate Noront taking off any time too soon anyway, and will no doubt continue to go up and down for at least another month or two. NFK on my watch list now; thanks. Originally I owned just as much KWG as I did Noront, but KWG I believe will not be worthwhile till rail is in the works; years away. Therefore, sold and sunk more money into Noront. Still also keeping an eye on SUO (Sunshine Oil Sands) in Alberta, but I see NFK at .12 - .14 as being more profitable until Keystone XL dealt with. Question: I respect your professional opinion, so I ask what dollar value do you see Noront attaining?
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