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Message: Comments from Aweigh on SH

IF YOU RESEARCH, there is a lot of AOI information coming together as we have Tullow saying they believe that the net pay zone at Ngamia is larger than their original assumption of 100 meters. We also have an Executive of Adamantine saying that Ngamia and Twiga are multi billion barrel discoveries and we are soon to spud Etuko and not Ekales as I originally thought.

Of course this is all fabulous news and the stock is and should rally from here on. What I find really interesting is the spudding of Etuko which is in a different setting in the basin , which I'm presuming is a better location , and if you take a look at slide 16 of AOI's presentation you'll see that Etuko is estimated to be a much much larger structure than Ngamia ...........

Holy ( profanity ) is all I can say about that.

When all we have is these tiny little maps on a web site to focus on it's easy to lose sight of the magnitude of this deal.

We only have the capacity to drill 10 holes a year and we have at least 120 targets and probably a lot more. It's only a matter of time before someone make us an offer we can't refuse .

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