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Message: Expanding the knowledge bank

Expanding the knowledge bank

posted on Mar 12, 2009 10:53AM

Every day I will try to add to the knowledge bank here. I have found an essentially sound little company with revolutionary state of the art technology in an industry that is about to explode. Small companies turn quickly into big ones.

I am in contact with company officials trying to round out and temper what information is available and capsulise it.

This month the company will show a profit for the first time ever.

Sales are expected to be about 175-200k. The company has a burn rate of about 80 grand and has nine full time employees. Gross profit margins run at about 50 points. This is a signal that the corner has been negotiated and better things lie ahead, despite our economic woes worldwide.

Myself, my strong suit is not in financial analysis of a junior industrial. I invite discussion and questions, which can be forwarded to Airtest for reponses.

United States federal forecasts for this industry call for exponential expansion. The management has had a lifetime of experience running small to mid size bussiness in a range of profitable ventures and have been at this for 8 years, when the IPO was completed at $1.00 per share. They have waited a long time and seem poised to realise thier dream.

As newbies here, we benefit from the misfortunes of previous shareholders at this bargain basement price

Realise that I am not advising to run out and bid the price up, but rather collect it here in the 3-4cent range. Stock will come out in due course. Be patient. A PR campaqign is in the works I am assured in the immediate future. Plans to exercise the 10cent warrants and implementing the business plan are within grasp,

A senior broker in Vancouver is working with company officials to assist.

I will keep you updated as events unfold. For now. ...collect at these levels. Your risk is minimal and risk/reward ratio in your complete favor.

These are just one guys thoughts. Consult your broker for professional advice

More later


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