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To put it in layman language, the company sells sensors that make building
HVAC systems smart. Ventilation systems for buildings are for the most partdumb, that is they don't know how much ventilation is required to provide the right mix of fresh air for the occupants. This is because the systems don't know how many people are in a given room. As a result they ventilate assuming maximum occupancy. Think of a Costco store. At busy times there could be 2000 people in the store, at other times there could be 20. The ventilation system has to ventilate assuming there is 2000. Thus, it over
ventilates most of the time. If it's cold outside, the ventilation system exhausts warm interior air and brings in cold exterior air which it has to heat. The opposite is true in the summer, cooled air is exhausted and hot air brought in and cooled.

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