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Message: Hope Streeet Real Estate / Property Managment
They currently manage a property for me it's been nothing but frustration and aggravation, VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and COMMUNICATION!!!!!!!!!!! They still owe me for a utility bill I had to pay because the tenant didn't pay it and then they shorted my rent payment by $50 with no explanation, Jarrett Nixon COO of Hope Street is a pompous [censored] and will not return emails or phone calls. JARRETT I WANT THE MONEY YOU AND YOUR INCOMPETENT COMPANY OWE ME!!!!!!!!!! They should call the company HELL STREET!!!!!!!!!!!! If you value your property and sanity do not do business with these idiots!!!!!

Their logo is "relax we've got you covered" it should be "Relax we're wearing a condom....bend over!!"

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