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Message: long-term potash price forecast to $350 per metric ton

Now....that in my opinion is the type of news that might just help get the potash sector moving, and even though Allana is years away from a productive mine, it adds to the speculative value here...a rising tide lifts all boats they say. I invested early in a couple of uranium jrs, basically garbage imo...but when the market turned bullish they both doubled.

Could that happen here? A double to the 90 cent area seems a stretch to me, but I've been around long enough to know....with penny stocks anything is possible. Of course the risks are MASSIVE, especially given Allana's history and the bios of some of the key players....I don't want to come across like one of the SH pumpers who ignore all the negatives and try to spin them into plusses.

Anyway, good luck longs.

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