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Message: Cantor Fitzgerald on Allana Potash

Based on the very tight range we're stuck in, it doesn't seem Cantor reiterating their bullish opinion is having much if any effect. It seems to me that Cantor's clients have already been made aware of Allana's story, and thus any + impact this analysis might have is largely mitigated.

I found an "analyst" report on WPX, put out by an author who claims no payment for his services, but who does admit to having invested in the stock...something I consider frontrunning, but perfectly legit because it is disclosed. It was put out in February when the PPS was close to where AAA is now.

Hopefully something like that will happen here...watching AAA trading is like watching paint dry. It moves a tiny bit up, a tiny bit down.

FWIW I shared the Cantor rpt on stocktwits.

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