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Message: In this thread, let's talk about risk.

This forum was created because of the persistant bashing taking place at SH. Longs here wanted a place where they could discuss the merits of investing in shares of Allana absent the mindless bashing.

The "bashers" at SH claim that they are merely combatting the incessant pumping that takes place. So who's right, the pumpeers or the bashers?

In my opinion both.

Pumpers as I see it either completely ignore any of the risk factors, or they attempt to diminish them to the point that they won't be taken into account by shareholders and potential investors.

Bashers conversely seem bent on two things, discouraging anyone from investing and in convincing shareholders to sell. While they might on occasion acknowledge the potential for the PPS to climb, they'll typically claim that any rise in price will be short lived and will result only because of Pump and Dump activity.

This forum is doing a good job in my opinion.

We've been able to point out risk factors that could cause the PPS to drop, as well as discussing the merits of the project which could lead to an improved share price.

I like balanced discussion, but it can be difficult for that to take place when people have $$$ on the line. Money is a curious thing, in my life I've found that people can often have a stronger emotional attachment to their money than to family members.

For my own part, when it comes to pumping and bashing...while I don't like either I absolutely abhor pumping, especially with penny stocks. A close friend of mine died a couple of years back, and in the opinion of some friends it was likely suicide. This friend played the market hard and was in financial difficulty.

Its easy to get too emotional about an investment. You do your due dilligence, think you have found a good company and put some $$$ into their stock. Then you see the price dropping and dropping and maybe you see some bashing taking place on a msg board....you think its a conspiracy or something. Could you have made a mistake about your investment decision??? NO!!! They're messing with the stock, its manipulation...I"ll teach those bashers, I'll average down!!!

Its not hard to see how someone can get beyond their risk tolerance. Maybe you have faith in the what the company's directors/officers are telling you. I've never seen a publicly traded company whose spokepersons didn't talk about their committment to delivering long term share holder value.

Bottom line, I'll end this little stream of conciousness with the fact that AAA is a penny stock, and penny stocks can make spectacular gains, but they can also go down.

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