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Alto Ventures Ltd.: Alto-Wescan Finalize Drill Contract for Mud Lake Project, Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Belt

Message: BHG (foundation res) debt owing to ATV

Below the details of the new agreement to settle the remaining $766,161 of money owing to ATV from BHG.


Some news at least! ATV need the cash and hopefully BHG can pay! Agreement states money should be paid by 31 May 2013. Some of this may be from shares from BHG.

The gold price has been difficult to predict to say the least! How long the suppression will go, nobody knows. Now India has put restrictions on the importation of gold more demand has been taken off the table. Paper gold continues to deal its deadly hand as soon as gold shows some sign of life. ATV needs the gold market to turn around soon to get SP up and be able to money.

There are some straws in the wind, China could buy Barrick according to one source, this could be one catalyst. Comex and LBMA are running out of deliverable gold. Also the trade is all one sided as is sentiment. Most have thrown in the towel already.

Merry Christmas to all long suffering ATV shareholders, and lets hope Santa does something about this crazy gold price!

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