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Glad I saw your comment because otherwise I would have stayed tuned out.

The feed cut out for about a minute as the conversation turned to ore production, so I'm sure I missed something worth noting. Otherwise I'm glad I listened. Some new talking points.

-After the feed started up again Kirwin was talking about how they still are not at 450 tpd as is the plan for the mine. Said that the stockpiled ore can hold them over for a few weeks while production is ramping up. I'd have thought the stockpile would be low/out by now if they still are not to full production. Sounds like another couple months before they reach peak production.

-Gold grade variances to the positive side of resource report grade in some of the spots they are mining. Countered this with a 'but' it is too early to tell because they have not a large enough sample.

-1-2 months should be a cashflow positive scenario.

-The plan is to have another mine like Copperstone up and running in 3 years time. Said it was ambitious.

-Within a few weeks there should be concentrate shipments. He said 'S&S in Spokane' will do the smelting. How this works is (per website): Concentrate arrives, fire assay is done. Company receives 75% of value. Remainder is received based on full value of final fire assay.

Also notable is that he said a few times that there are some things he could not be specific about because there has been no public news release. This is mostly in regards to grades, production numbers and first concentrate shipment. You'd get the impression that they were all quite positive and that a news release is forthcoming as he mentioned also that it should be positive for share pricing. I personaly dislike any of the 'wink wink nudge nudge' type approaches as they can tend to cause too much anticipation that is often met with disappointment due to hyped up expectations.

But whatever is the case, sounds as though there should be some news in the coming weeks

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