Treaty Creek Ranked As One Of The Top Ten Gold Deposits Globally

Indicated Mineral Resource of 23.37 Million Ounces of Gold Equivalent

Message: American Creek Resources Issues Incentive Options

Big money PP and Billionares, quietly cominging in the back door pushing goals to meet expected mkt demands. Demand for metals only growing stronger. Records are kept to prove out this point. Its not what if, or when it starts as it has been the pattern for years. Both accumulation and consumption are the market supply side demand factors: must see charts here. I used simple format for YEAR 2011 as a platform base. If you view these stats i doubt you will walk away as a naysayer of projests coming online.

2011 Output (Metric Tonnes)

1. China 380

2. Australia 272

3. USA 243

4. South Africa 221

5. Russia 205

Nevada 190

6. Peru 156

7. Ghana 102

8. Canada 101

9. Indonesia 97

10.Mexico 82

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