Treaty Creek A World Class Gold Deposit

27.3M Oz Gold Equivalent Discovery in BC’s Golden Triangle

Message: American Creek: The Head Scratching Summer Of 2021

Good Afternoon,

It has been an interesting summer in the exploration space. Inflows into junior minors on the retail side has been slow. With that being said we have been fairly quiet about our project as many of you have been with us for long enough to know that the drill results from our project is a clear driver of our share price. We could continue to repeat the same facts about our company's value. 

-Treaty Creek is massive
-Tudor Gold is undervalued per ounce
-We are undervalued to Tudor Gold 
-They are drilling like crazy
-Multiple new exploration zones to be tested this year

But, at the end of the day, everyone is waiting for the results. If you are playing the long game, the dog days of summer probably do not come as a surprise, but rather a head scratcher. There are lots of good guesses, but the most convincing one is after 16 months of being locked down, the retail market is on the lake and in the camp grounds. Who can blame them? 

As we await the next round of drill results, please take a listen to one of Eric Sprott's associates, Connor O'Brien. He discusses his investment thesis for Tudor Gold and the Treaty Creek Project around the 12:40 mark.

Noteworthy, Mr. Sprott now owns 52,500,000 shares of American Creek after his last warrant execution. 

The Gold and Silver Trade is Not Dead - Monthly Wrap Up - 8.26.21

The Treaty Creek project is a Joint Venture with the operator being Tudor Gold, and American Creek holding a 20% carried interest until production notice is given.

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