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Message: Conference Call

Conference Call

posted on Jan 19, 2009 04:01PM

Hi all,

I went to the Calgary offices of Northern security by invitation to see a presentation by the board of Americas. The presentation was also on a conference call link to all interested parties.

The presentation was conducted by the CEO, Barclay Hambrook and he was ably assisted by Dr Easton Wren, and on the phone line was Carlos Lau.

The presentation was excellent and went into pretty specific deatail about the oil fields in Agentina and the potash play in Peru. Most of the information is on the 'fall' presentation on the web site.

A couple of things I would like to point out though.

1. Three wells have been drilled and ALL produced oil (total of 700 bpd). API was hoping for immediate production and revenue. However this has been delayed because the Argentinian government wanted more information for the correct permits to be given. All the information has now been submitted and the board believe they will get final approval in March '09. The permits give API 25 - 35 years of production rights which on an indutry scale is a fantastic amount of time.

2. API currently have 1.3 million acres of exclusive secured land for production and exploration. They are currently negotiating a further 700 thousand acres for a total of over 2 million acres. This is a huge land mass with much proven oil and gas reserves.

3. API are debt free and have 10 million in the bank. Once production revenues start to come in an extensive drilling program will get underway.

4. The potash play in Peru looks very exciting. There's a lot of detail and it was really well explained how the production will come about. Way too much detail for here, but take a look at the web site. API hope to spin off the potash play initially as a seperate private company, as early as the fall 2009. How the shareholders will benefit is yet to be finalised.

5. The current share price values the compay at around CA$18 million. My own opinion is that once production comes on stream and the potash play is played out this could easily be a CA$500 million company. That all depends on many things. The price of oil, a world economic recovery, management being able to deliver on it's vision and a stable Argentine government.

Overall a great presentation. The company is on an excellent financial footing and there is very experienced and compentent management. Should be an exciting year!!!

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