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Message: High Gains / High Volume scan

This one came up on my high gain / high volume scan. After drawing up the chart, I noticed there were three points of interest here. First is broke its current resistance on 3.5 times normal volume. Second it broke out of its current trend lines and could be jumping into the next ones (top of next trend being the yellow line on the chart) and lastly there's an upgap that needs to be closed at $1.03 with resistance above that at $1.27. There's also the fact that this stock showed up on my Oversold scan this week. This is where I scan for Slow Stochs that have recently gone below 20 and have started to turn upwards. One of my favorite scans and I talk about it in my course and how to set it up with StockCharts. You can read about my course here.

So the play for Amerigo would be entry above $0.90 (which it is now) and the first target being the top yellow trend line which should be around $1.03 for gains of 14.4% followed by the resistance above the upgap at $1.27 for gains of 41.1%. Stop loss should be failure of the now support line at $0.90 or a few pennies below that.

See chart here and other weekly picks here.

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