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Thank you Macod! 

AMFE is certainly a very dynmaic company and as a growing holding company, it can take a long time to understand each of its subsidiaries and investments. Certainly Snakes and Lattes and its publishing and manufacturing is the front runner for driving revenues, but folks should take time to understand all the subs and AMFILs strategy. 

As a long time investor, well relative to an OTC stock :) I'm excited to have a forum to discuss and discover and be real about everything AMFE related. 

The most important thing for investors, long, new and potential is to understand the full picture: the whole forest, and how each tree can be a boon, a bust or a challenge. Every growing business encounters challenges, but we have seen to much where folks blow invidiual trees out of porportion, like they are bigger than the whole forest. This ends here. When challenges come up, we can dicuss them as trees impact the health of the full health forest, and not the forest itself.

So much good stuff coming with AMFE. I know everything always take longer than anyone wants. That is business. Building a real business of real value takes time. Not hours, Not days or weeks but months and years. The best way to judge though is revenues, and wow do we have revenues growing and growing!

Enough revenues can always overcome all those issues every business since the dawn of time faces.

Looking forward to it all and discussing it here in a healthy environment!



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