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Roger Mortimer

CEO & President of Amfil Technologies Inc.

Mr. Roger Mortimer has been the President and Director of Amfil Technologies, Inc. since August 1, 2013 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Mortimer developed a network of relationships /contacts and strategic alliances in his related industry with some of the largest suppliers, distributors and competitors in the industry. Mr. Mortimer established Interloc-Kings Inc. in April 2009. Mr. Mortimer has a B.A. from Wilfred Laurier University.

Ben Castanie

Founder and CEO of Snakes & Lattes

Mr. Castanie opened Snakes & Lattes in the summer of 2010 on Bloor St in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Having anticipated the rise of the board game scene, providing a space to play games and enjoy drinks seemed to be a logical endeavour to embark on. Ben once pulled shots of espresso himself and was himself the face of the store when customers came in to get a table. Throughout Snakes & Lattes’ growth, Ben has become a key figure in the board game industry, acting as a valuable contact between publishers and the growing consumer market. He has a Bachelor's degree in Logistics and Transportation, and Master's degree in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management, and a second Master's degree in Management, Logstics and Strategy.

Article on how Ben started Snakes & Lattes:

Aaron Zack

COO of Snakes & Lattes

Aaron Zack’s insatiable coffee and beer industry knowledge quickly earned him trust with the company, and he found himself providing operations support from Snakes & Lattes’ very early days. He continues to oversee the coffee program and bar operations in their entirety as well as providing community outreach with the neighbourhoods we share. Snakes & Lattes is now a café and bar reputable beyond being solely a board game destination, much to the efforts of Aaron Zack’s engagement with developing the bar and coffee programs.

Therese De Grace

CEC of Snakes & Lattes

As of 2018, Therese De Grace promotes culinary leadership as Snakes & Lattes’ Corporate Executive Chef. Originally from Toronto, Therese's culinary career spans over two decades. Therese has been the recipient of awards and accolades including Loreal’s Mille Femme Magnifique, and was featured in City Bites Top Ten Chefs to watch. Her culinary experience includes Ste. Anne’s Spa, The Kildare Hotel, Toronto’s beloved Lola’s Commissary and most recently as the Executive Chef / Food & Beverage Manager at The Good Earth Food & Wine Company. In recent years Therese has consulted for restaurants both in Toronto & The Niagara Region.

Ansis Kalnins

Design Director

Joining Snakes & Lattes on the ground floor, Ansis took on leadership roles during the early growth of the company. From his early days of general service at Snakes & Lattes Annex, through opening Snakes & Lagers, Ansis brought his front line experience and design-oriented thinking to the management team in early 2015. Participating as the design lead on the Snakes & Lattes College buildout, Ansis continues to shape the company from design and branding, through content and operations development.

Lindsay Calado


As of 2017, Lindsay Calado joined the management team to support the company’s growth by providing focus towards systems development to facilitate market expansion. Lindsay started with Snakes & Lattes in 2015 as a member of general staff, working her way into a supervisory role, which quickly evolved into a management position. After moving to Toronto she began working in executive assistant and administration roles, first for a non- for-profit followed by years inside the film and television industry. These roles focused on developing and building systems to increase efficiency and communication across departments, helping to facilitate management and general staff toward working together as a team.

Steve Mahood


Steve Mahood joined the Snakes & Lattes management team in 2017, having worked with company since 2014 in a wide variety of roles. An industry veteran of 14 years, Steve has worked for, and alongside, some of Toronto’s top talent, including: Carl Heinrich of Richmond Station, Niall McCotter of Chabrol/Atlas, and Mike Fortier of El Rey Mezcal Bar, to name a few. His time among these industry leaders, helped develop his high standard for excellence. Steve brings dedication and vision to developing a top-notch hospitality experience, through training and hands-on work. He is inspired by a passion for making every guest who comes to Snakes & Lattes feel like an old friend, and a belief in the value of fostering community amongst staff and guests alike.

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