Mexico: World's fastest developing mining countries

Santa Gertrudis - 720,000 ounces of gold : Mapped and identified six major project areas.

Animas Resources Profile

Animas Resources (TSX.V: ANI) is a North American exploration company with diversified mining interests in one of the world's fastest developing mining countries, Mexico. The management group, with its significant and broad experience in the mining industry, plans to expand Animas Resources' reserves through development, discovery, and acquisition of high quality, precious and industrial metal properties.

Building from the historic resource base at the Santa Gertrudis deposit (within a 214 sq. mile concession), the company will strategically expand the near surface and deeper resources to the economic decision points that increase shareholder value.

The company will also evaluate numerous targets within its 296 sq. Kilometer Shirley concession with the goal of generating joint venture opportunities. In addition, management and the company advisors will grow their knowledge base of the premier prospects and properties available for acquisition and advancement in Mexico and elsewhere, targeting the best to build assets and revenues for Animas.

The company has identified six stand-alone larger target areas within this large mining district and is intelligently expanding the near-surface and deeper resources to the economic decision points that increase shareholder value

Progress to Date

Consolidated 624 Km2

Completed 135 line Km of Ip and 30-plus sq km of RIP (Reconnaissance Induced Polarization) coverage

Assembled interactive data base from new data and the following past data: 1,017 reverse circulation drill holes, 225 diamond drill holes, 34,000 rock samples, 21,000 soil samples and district-wide airborne geo­physical and ASTER surveys

Mapped and identified six major project areas

Detailed, integrated and modern modelingof all geophysic


The mine produced over 564,000 ounces of goldat an average grade of 2.13 grams per tonnefrom 1991 to 2000

Santa Gertrudis to expand historic, non-Nl 43-101 compliant, resource of approximately 720,000 ounces of gold

Gold occurs in an area over 18 km by 4 km;truly a district-sized system

Past production and exploration were mostly focused on discovering oxides

Potential for larger deposits in the six project zones identified to date

Known mineralization extends under post-mineral gravel cover and is possibly open at depth.

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