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Message: Financial culprit

Financial culprit

posted on Mar 15, 2009 07:39AM

I don`t know where to post this one but since APV has been taking a beating due to the financial crisis i decided to do it here, so please be forgiven for my intruding here with a finacial post concerning the big boys that have crashed us down.



Resurrection on Wall Street

By Andrew Bary

Top of Form 1


After a year that saw the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and forced mergers involving Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley seem on course for a profitable first quarter and full year, despite a terrible economy and depressed global stock markets. The investment community is warming to the financial giants after bashing their shares last year. Morgan Stanley (ticker: MS) is up 58%, to 25, in 2009, making it the top-performing big financial, while Goldman (GS) has risen 17%, to $98. In contrast, shares of Bank of America ...


Personnal comment .: I could`nt post the hole article not being a subscriber at Barron`s. To add to my personal grudge with THEM ( financial institutions ) let me add that i believe some of them have probably gained a hole lot from the AIG $US 180 billion bail out. That`s just a guess based on no ground at all but intuition .Earlier this morning i posted a comment following a copy-paste on base metals, it never came through due some mistake i made i guess, and i did`nt have time or patience to restart, but basicaly i said the same guys who crashed the economy stood to gain the most when it recovered , the article from Barron`s seem to confirm what`s an abvious after all , The financial institution holding cash wether it`s their own or our`s will benefit most in the long run.

Now let`s talk about justice for a little philosophical moment...

Have a nice day !

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