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Message: AWSL - FIT Contracts flowing

With the release of the recent Phase 3 Feed In Tariff (FIT) contracts from the Ontario Power Authority, AWSL is officially in the game. Their name was on the OPA's list at least 20 times, meaning they had 20 Power Purchase Agreement contracts awarded. These PPA's last for 20 years and guarantee the purcahse of AWSL's solar energy by the OPA at a fixed rate if 71.3 cents per kilowatt hour.

With the upcoming provincial election in October, its expected there will be a bug push for a Phase 4 list too, meaning that there could be a whole lot more PPA's awarded.

In past press releases, the Compay had reported to have been working on over 150 utility scale rooftop solar projects, therefore we could see a lot of awards if and when a Phase 4 is rleeased by the OPA.

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