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Message: scarff appointed Hub Leader

Hey Scarff....sorry it took me so long to get here. Good to see some familiar names.

I was semi-surprised to see the SP do nothing on the 2nd news release. I think the 1st NR was so astounding that everybody bought in and waited for the 2nd. When it came it appeared to be much the same with smaller intercepts.....People were hoping for more tonnage. I'm happy that it played out that way for my own selfish reasons. I continue to buy on the dips.....here's why.

The 2nd NR showed grade continuity....that is VERY important. They had to go a little deeper to find the silver( the office told me that by phone a couple of weeks ago). The reason they were able to hit the mineralisation is because they have good pathfinders for silver and gold. Antimony for silver and arsenopyrite for gold. They also have a good understanding of the structure of the faults which appear to be responsible for the hydrothermal fluids that replaced/emplaced the silver into the limestone. They believe what has happened here is similar to the Carlin Trend....in other words this could be BIG and RICH.

I will continue to buy on dips and not fret about the daily share price.

...IMHO.......cheers to all of us in on the ground floor......sambone

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