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Avitar Profile

Avitar is the leader in oral-based, rapid diagnostics. Oral fluid diagnostics includes the estimated $1.5 billion drugs-of-abuse testing market. Avitar's proprietary disposable drugs-of-abuse technology will change the way that drug testing is done worldwide. For example, the company's ORALscreen� product enables random on-site drug testing without the need for medical personnel, bathroom facilities, or the embarrassment of supervised urine collection. ORALscreen� can be used by virtually anyone, any time, in any workplace environment.

In the estimated larger $25 billion in vitro diagnostics market, Avitar is investigating oral-fluid based diagnostic strategies for disease and clinical testing, such as tests for influenza, diabetes and pregnancy.

Avitar continues to build and serve an impressive client list of corporations and institutions, which currently include the following world-class organizations; Ablest, ADM, C.R. Bard, Bashas, DelMonte, Johnson & Johnson, Kendall Company, Kimberly Clark, Marcus, NASA, Parsons, SaveMart, Six Flags, Target, and TJX.

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