Biotech Company With Clinical Operations Developing Psychedelic Medicine To Treat Addiction

First 3 UK Clinics Opening In September, Targeting 20 Clinics By 2024 ~$100M In Revenue

Awakn Life Sciences Corp. Profile


Why Awakn?

  • First mover advantage for clinics in the UK and the EU with 400m people and CAD$25TR GDP
    • First 3 UK clinics opening in September
    • Clinic lead time 6 months in UK, 6-12 throughout EU
    • Targeting 20 clinics by 2024 ~$100M in revenue
  • Strategic focus on developing and delivering psychedelic medicines to treat Addiction
  • Strong psychedelic drug development pipeline targeting Addiction.
  • The leading research and clinical team in the industry focused on using psychedelics to treat Addiction
  • Multiple scalable revenue streams across drug development and clinical delivery

A Psychedelic Drug Boom In Mental Health Treatment Comes Closer to Reality 

Who is AWAKN

A biotechnology company with clinical operations developing psychedelic medicine to treat Addiction.


With a dual strategic focus:

  1. Development: Research & develop psychedelic drugs, therapies, and enabling technologies to treat Addiction.
  2. Delivery: Treating Addiction and other mental health conditions in a chain of medical psychedelic clinics across Europe and through licensing partnerships in North America.

How Big Is The Market?

The global substance Addiction treatment industry is valued at USD17.5bn per annum and is forecast to increase to USD31.5bn per annum by 2027.


US accounts for 40% of this market, Europe 30%, Rest of World 20%.


Alcohol Use Disorder accounts for 30% of the treatment market, with tobacco and prescription medication also accounting for significant proportions.


Mental health and addictions are the 5th leading cause of illness globally, affecting 20% of the global population. It costs the EU, US, and UK economies US$1.5trn in lost economic activity per annum.

How Does Awakn Plan To Address This Market?

By Developing psychedelic drugs and therapies to better treat Addiction and Delivering psychedelic treatment in our clinics and through our partnerships.

Awakn is developing a range of targeted next generation drugs, therapies, and enabling technologies to treat several poorly addressed substance and behavioral addictions.

How Is This Done?

Development Program


Drug development - Psychedelic drug discovery and development for treating substance and behavioural Addiction.


Therapy Development: Developing enabling technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Psychedelic–Assisted Psychotherapy in treating Addiction.


Delivery Program


Clinics – Providing hope for those for whom the status quo is not working by combining the proven therapeutic potential of psychedelics with psychotherapy to treat Addiction and other mental health conditions.


20 clinics across Europe by end 2024

  • 2021: London, Manchester, Bristol
  • 2022: Birmingham, London #2, 3x more UK clinics, Dublin (Ireland)
  • 2023 - 2024: Continental Europe
  • Each clinic to generate between $3M - $6M CAD operating at capacity per annum  

Partnerships - Scaling our reach beyond our core territories through licensing and partnerships to enable Addiction treatment practitioners deliver the Awakn methodology.


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