Biotech Company With Clinical Operations Developing Psychedelic Medicine To Treat Addiction

First 3 UK Clinics Opened In 2021, Targeting 20 Clinics By 2024 ~$100M In Revenue

Awakn Life Sciences Corp. Profile



What Makes Awakn An Impacting Company...

  • First mover advantage for clinics in the UK and the EU with 400m people and CAD$25TR GDP
    • First 3 UK clinics opened in 2021
    • Bristol clinic receives care quality commission approval
      • To begin treatments in the UK's First medical psychedelic clinic
    • Clinic lead time 6 months in UK, 6-12 throughout EU
    • Targeting 20 clinics by 2024 ~$100M in revenue
  • Strategic focus on developing and delivering psychedelic medicines to treat addiction
  • Strong psychedelic drug development pipeline targeting Addiction
  • Identified new chemical series via its drug discovery program
  • The leading research and clinical team in the industry focused on using psychedelics to treat Addiction
  • Multiple scalable revenue streams across drug development and clinical delivery
  • Closed acquisition of leading ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinic in Norway

A Psychedelic Drug Boom In Mental Health Treatment Comes Closer to Reality 


Who is AWAKN?

Awakn Life Sciences is a biotechnology company, researching, developing, and delivering psychedelic therapeutics to better treat addiction. Awakn’s team consists of world leading chemists, scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists who are advancing the next generation of psychedelic drugs and therapies to be used in combination.


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How Big Is The Market?

The private global substance Addiction treatment industry was valued at USD17.5bn per annum in 2019 and is forecast to increase to USD31.5bn per annum by 2027.

Alcohol Use Disorder accounts for 30% of the overall treatment market, yet only 16% of people who suffer from AUD seek out treatment and of thsoe few that do, 75% of them will relapse within a year.

Prevalence of Addiction?

How Is This Done? 

Business Model 

 Therapeutics Development Strategy


Our research team consists of world leading experts in the fields of drug development, clinical research, psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurochemistry. We have focused our research activities on treating addictions where the consequences for the patient, their family and society are most severe. 




Providing the latest evidence backed therapeutics to treat addiction and mental health.
Develop and fine tune the business and delivery model for therapeutics developed in our R&D business. Generate real world data and evidence to support regulatory approval applications.
Generate revenue. 

 Delivery: Clinics 









Partnerships - Scaling our reach beyond our core territories through licensing and partnerships to enable Addiction treatment practitioners to deliver the Awakn methodology.


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