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Put simply, some metals are easy to separate from rock and some aren't. BacTech uses naturally occurring bacteria (bioleaching) to help separate metal from the tougher rock. Our technology provides a suitable environment for the bacteria within the plant, creating a 'garden of eden' for them to live in. The separation technology achieves in 6 days what would normally take 20 years to occur in nature. That's 500,000 times faster. And they work all day and demand very little. Now that's a work force! Best of all, the tailings created are benign and no environmental damage occurs.

We are one of 2 companies worldwide who have commercally proven, bioleaching technology. BacTech has just signed a major deal with Yamana Gold, involving the purchase of two of their refractory gold deposits. Our team is continually searching for viable deposits that would benefit from our technology.

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