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Message: World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi ended January 23rd Beacon has attended

Why would Abu Dhabi want to use this technology? To make their electricity demands more stable? What type of grid does Abu Dhabi have? Does it put out stable 220volts or have brown outs like the Philippines? I know a lot of developing nations would benefit from this technology. Brown outs and black out cause a lot of damage to infrastructure and other transmission equipment measureing into the millions depending on the size of the grid and that doesn't mention the public's loss of power and dissatisfaction, frustration etc.. Till now they just put up with it, but if they can save hundreds of thousands, millions in repairs? The stable grid is also much more efficient and will save or make them millions in a more efficient delivery operation, that will afford them less losses and more customers. The computer, high tech call centers overseas need stable electricity and could save millions on stablizing gear for their high tech equipment that will blow if it has the kind of spikes in electricity found in India and the Philippines. Big Big market, but Abu Dhabi must have spent a fortune on its infrastructure, or maybe they want to spend a fortune on it?? HMM. Of course they pride themselves in having the best, and a stable electricity supply would certainly be one of their councerns and saving money at the same time. I hope the Beacon rep was able to spell it out clearly, the benefits and efficiency this technology will bear and the absolute superiority it has to batteries, which are the present choice of Power Companies. Lithium etc... which dry up and become cuastic poison when done. Whereas this technology is maintenance free for about 7 years and lasts about 20 or more years with maintenence.

We shall see if Beacon has a qualified crew of execs who can tell the story and if Beacon can back it up with the product. If so, then this will be a company that will make people a lot of money.


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