Exploring for the Bedrock Source of the Beauce’s Famous Placer Gold Deposits

Drilling to Find The Hard-Rock Source of Historic Placer Gold

Beauce Gold Fields Photo Gallery
Bgf cross section rang dix looking north
Ditton Placer Gold Channel
Bgf cross section model of a saddle reef formation on the beauce gold property
Cross section model of a Saddle Reef Formation on the Beauce Gold Property.
Bgf drill holes sm 2021
Map Drill Holes SM-2021 Confirming Saddle Reef Geologic Model
Dec 21 bgf saddle reef cross cut diagram of antiform folds
Saddle Reef cross cut diagram of Antiform Folds.
Nov 9th bgf 4mm gold grain from sample  sb16
4mm gold grain from sample #SB16
Nov 9th bgf megantic property map  gold samples and ditton quarry sand pit
Megantic Property Map, Gold samples and Ditton Quarry sand
Sept 23 bgf drill hole map of st gustave and poulin areas
Drill Hole Map of St-Gustave and Poulin Areas
Bgf aug 10 plan profile
stockworks are located under the placer gold channel and appear to trend NE underneath two old mining shafts
Bgf aug 10 vg
Visble Gold in SM-21-08
Bgf june 9 drill location 1
Diamond Drill Rig positioned over hole number one
Bgf geophysics rang st gustave road  amt fault could be main gold structure
Geophysics Rang St-Gustave Road
Bgf megantic channel
Megantic: Layout of trenches, Placer Channel, main Fault
Bgf megantic property with fault line
Bgf megantic bella fault
Megantic: Bella Fault Line
Bgf recovered gold from megantic overburden sample 798741
Recovered gold from Megantic Overburden Sample 798741
Beauce bought drill log
Drill Hole Map 1958, St-Gustave Road and Drill Operator
Beauce megantic staking
Megantic Property
Beauce trench results
Beauce Trench Results
Beauce property map trenching to the east   west of rang st gustave road
trenching to the East & West of Rang St-Gustave road
Beauce ceo
Placer gold Nugget
Location map of the three new geoelectric IP survey lines
Poulin trench
Populin Trench 10008
Gold Particle Number 1 from Poulin Trench – 10008
Geoelectrical Tomography Survey
1986 Compilation Map of the Gilbert River Placer Gold Channel
Newly discovered 1910 historical placer gold mine