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Big Bend Metals Project, Revelstoke BC - Eva Kitto property, Beardmore, Ontario

International Bethlehem Mining Corp Profile

International Bethlehem Mining Corporation Vancouver, British Columbia TSX.V : IBC is a mineral resource company focused upon exploration in the highly mineralized terrane near the City of Revelstoke in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

The Company holds interests in seven mineral properties totalling approximately 40,500 hectares, known as: Tsar, Rift, Goldstream, Cottonbelt, Rain, Copper Queen, Willa-LH. The properties are all part of a regional exploration and development program the Company refers to as the "Big

Bend Metals Project".

Big Bend Metals Project – Revelstoke BC

The Project area has an extensive array of logging roads and clear-cuts providing good mineral exploration access. The area is also well serviced with electric power from the Mica dam and is close to the Revelstoke service area.

Revelstoke is primarily a resource industry city (timber, power, mining), located on main rail and road routes, and has a population of 8,050.

In addition, the Company owns the centrally located 1,360 metric ton per day Goldstream Mineral Processing Plant presently held on care and maintenance by the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Bethlehem Resources (1996) Corporation.

The Company has concentrated all of its mineral exploration and acquisition activities toward polymetallic VMS and SEDEX deposits and showings in the Big Bend Region of British Columbia. The Region is well serviced by power, roads and the resource City of Revelstoke. In addition, the British Columbia Geological Survey Branch ranks the Region among the top ten percent in the Province for mineral deposit discovery potential.

The Company's mineral properties in the Big Bend Metals Project are: Rift, Goldstream, Rain, Copper Queen, Willa and LH, totalling approximately 40,500 hectares in surface area.

The Company's objective is to work aggressively toward resource definition in the region to take advantage of the Goldstream Plant, and thereby fast-track discoveries to production.

Eva Kitto property - Beardmore, Ontario

The Eva Kitto Property, located on the east side of Lake Nipigon near Beardmore, Ontario, covers a large circular “ring-like” ultramafic intrusion adjacent to north trending faults connected to the Mid Continent Rift structure in Lake Superior.

This 10 km diameter ultramafic body has intruded sulphur bearing older sedimentary rocks which creates an ideal setting for nickel-copper-PGE (platinum group element) deposits of the “Noril’sk” type (the Noril’sk-Talnakh deposits, located in Russia, are the largest nickel-copper palladium deposits in the world).

A showing of platinum-palladium mineralization has been located on the Property and follow-up drilling of this occurrence is planned before year end. In addition, a detailed helicopter borne VTEM and magnetic survey will be flown at 100 metre spacings to assist the Company in mapping the shape of the ultramafic intrusion in order to better locate sulphide zones.

IBC recently acquired an option to earn an initial 30% interest from East West Resources Corporation (“East West”) in East West’s “Evo Kitto” platinum group element (“PGE”) property. Under the option agreement, International Bethlehem is required to spend $500,000 in exploration expenditures on the property by November 2009 in order to acquire its initial 30% interest ($150,000 of which has been spent so far) and the right to earn up to a 51%, 60% and 75% interest, respectively, by incurring additional exploration expenditures.

In December 2008, one drill hole was completed to a depth of 245.36 metres. The drill hole intersected 173 metres of ultramafic rock before entering into basement rock consisting of sulphide rich volcanics.

The drill hole was continued for 30 metres into the basement rock and entered a second vertical ultramafic intercept. This second ultramafic intercept is currently being identified as a dike. Dikes are important geological features for locating sulphide bodies containing copper, nickel and PGE.

Further extension of this drill hole is being planned for in February 2009, in conjunction with additional new drilling of several high priority drill targets on the property

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