The Only Education Marketplace In India Serving 1.3 Billion Potential Customers

Clients include: Central Bank Of India and McDonald’s India

Message: INTERVIEW: BetterU On The Move In India With Partnerships, Products and Personnel

2 weeks ago we interviewed BetterU (BTRU:TSXV) CEO Brad Loiselle from his head office in Ottawa with the title “BetterU On The Move In India With Partnerships, Products and Personnel”

Today, he’s literally on the move as we interview him directly from India where he and Gurmit Singh, the company’s newest addition and Former Managing Director of Yahoo India and CEO Forbes India, are on a whirlwind tour of meetings throughout India where they are presenting BetterU to some very (VERY) large companies and organizations.  As you will soon see for yourself, reaction and response to the BetterU Education Marketplace has been excellent, with the company expecting to generate meaningful agreements in the very near future.

The great thing about interviews is that CEO’s can’t hide behind text based corporate jargon.  Rather, investors are given a great opportunity to read body language, facial expressions and voice fluctuations to gauge just how confident (or lack thereof) the CEO actually is.  I know I do …. and I told Brad on-air that his confidence and happiness was bursting through the screen.  Adding to this is the fact that Gurmit Singh was sitting right beside him, without a mic, chiming in some answers, which leads viewers to believe things are going really well.    

Naturally, we’ll let you be the final judge.  Grab a coffee, watch this great interview with Company CEO, Brad Loiselle and let us know what you think.

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