The Only Education Marketplace In India Serving 1.3 Billion Potential Customers

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BREAKING: National Skill Development Corporation and betterU hold press conference in Delhi, India to officially launch their partnership

  • During a press conference held earlier today at the Lalit hotel in Delhi India, the company and National Skills Development Corporation officially launched their partnership to support skilling India.
  • Through this partnership, NSDC and betterU will provide the opportunity for Indian youth to gain global access to all the learning they need



  • The ONLY Global Education Marketplace Serving India
  • Corporate clients now include many billion dollar organizations: Acliv Technologies, Blue Star, Larsen & Toubro, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Central Bank Of India, Dena Bank etc.
  • Partnered with Pearson Learning, SkillShare, FutureLearn, Rosetta Stone, and Simplilearn now surpassing 74 global educators on platform
  • Over 53,000 programs now available with technology finally built to support B2B offering
  • Launched ‘Learner Assistant’ browser extension and advances its ‘Upskill tool’ Read More


  • Students / Learners Review and Select Courses Best Suited For Them
  • BetterU Collects All Registrations and Payments
  • BetterU Marketplace Connects Students To The Content Partner’s Course
  • BetterU Retains 20% to 50% of revenues collected as their fee


  • Indian Government Mandate To Educate & Skill 500 million People By 2022
  • Traditional Infrastructure (Schools, Teachers, etc) Not An Option
  • Online Education Is The Only Solution
  • Traditional Education Marketplaces Can Only Receive Credit Cards
  • India Payments Are Overwhelmingly Via Mobile
  • BetterU Recognized This Problem and Solved It
  • Traditional Education Providers Partnering With BetterU Makes Sense

Investment Highlights

Developed Product: GENERATING REVENUE!

Defensible Market: BetterU Has Solved And Now Leading The ‘High-Barrier Entry’ To Indian Market

First Mover: Positioned To Become India's Leading “Global Education Marketplace”

Unmatched Variety: Over 53,000 Courses Available.

Wide Audience: K-12, Exam Preparation, Skills Development, Higher-Ed +

Product Expansion Opportunities: B2B, B2C Learning and Employment Solutions Would Create "Lifetime Cycle" Operations

"Four years invested in the building of betterU’s India infrastructure, set up global operations, assembled core leadership team, secured the world’s largest online education mass marketing deal for India, enlisted leading content partners, and built credibility, trust and awareness across India.  They are the largest global education marketplace that has been built."


  • Established Indian Entity To Effectively Conduct Business In India
  • Ability To Collect From 200 Different Payment Methods in India
  • People on the ground in India
  • Established Strong Relationships With Institutions, Training Partners and Leaders Across Multiple Sectors.


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