Binovi Goes Beyond Fixing Eyes That Simply Can’t Read Letters On An Eye Chart

Trusted By The Chicago Cubs, Dallas Stars, Sporting KC and Many Others

Binovi Technologies Corp Management

Adam Cegielski

Founder + Chief Executive Officer

.Adam Cegielski graduated from the University of Guelph in 1999 with a BSc in Applied Biochemistry. He has since worked as a consultant and executive for a number of companies, largely in the resources sector, before starting Eyecarrot Innovations, where he is currently the President and CEO. Eyecarrot has developed Binovi, a software- and hardware-based platform designed to help vision therapy and vision training providers improve the human performance of their clients. In use in over 300 locations in more than 20 countries around the world, Binovi is trusted by optometric leaders and professional sports teams around the world. Eyecarrot is currently partnered with leading optometric associations as well as the Dallas Stars, Sporting KC, and with training organizations working with the Chicago Cubs, and more.

Dr. Sam Mithani PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mithani brings a wide range of technical experience to Eyecarrot and he fills a very important role in the senior leadership team. His guidance and vision has been instrumental in the development and advancement of our BinoviTM platform and his drive for innovation aligns well with Eyecarrot’s core values. I am thrilled to have him join our team

Rakesh Malhotra

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Rakesh Malhotra has over 25 years of experience in accounting, finance and internal controls, including senior management positions in publicly traded and private companies and serves as the Chief Financial Officer and as a Consultant to various public companies listed in both Canada and the USA. He started his career working for a large accounting firm A.F Ferguson & Co. (Indian correspondent for KPMG). Mr. Malhotra moved to the Middle East and worked for 5 years with the highly successful International Bahwan Group of Companies in a senior finance position. From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Malhotra worked as Vice President of Finance for a private group of service companies in Toronto.

Terry Booth

Executive Chairman

Mr. Booth was one of the 2 original founders of Aurora Cannabis Inc. In 2013, he personally provided over $3.0 million in start-up capital to the building of a new from the ground up high quality purpose-built medical cannabis production facility in Mountain View County. This facility was the first in the world to be certified as 100% EU GMP compliant for the production of Medical Cannabis. Appointed CEO in December 2014, he has skillfully raised Aurora from its infancy into one of the world's largest and fastest growing cannabis companies, valued at $18B at its peak, with a focus on providing high-quality medical and adult usage cannabis and inspiring better days for medical and recreational consumers around the world.

Dr. Leonard Press

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Leonard Press is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where he was a member of the Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society. He completed his Residency program in Pediatric Optometry at The Eye Institute of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, and formerly served as Chief of the Pediatric Unit of The Eye Institute. Dr. Press was recruited to the State University of New York, State College of Optometry, to serve as Chief of the Vision Therapy Service, where he was Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry for 15 years. Patients of all ages with problems related to vision development, visual processing, learning disabilities, and dyslexia are referred to Dr. Press by a wide variety of professionals through his consulting practice in Lakewood, New Jersey. He works extensively with occupational therapists, educators, and parent groups in helping parents understand the relationship between vision and learning, and opportunities for therapy to help children succeed.

Dr. Jason Dyck

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jason Dyck is a world-class research scientist and professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, the director of the University of Alberta Cardiovascular Research Centre, a Canada Research Chair in Molecular Medicine, and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Dr. Dyck also has a wealth of experience in establishing and directing large interdisciplinary research teams, which provides the strongest foundation for credible and useful research to reach key stakeholders and improve healthcare and health outcomes.

Dr. Sandra Stoddard

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Sandra Stoddard is a distinguished educator who has devoted her entire 32-year career to ensuring her personal vision: success for all students. For Dr. Stoddard, this is not just a statement, but a passion. She holds a Bachelors of Education, a Masters in Educational Psychology in the area of Mild and Moderate Disabilities and a PhD in Educational Psychology. She was the recipient of the Nadene M. Thomas Graduate Research Bursary for her PhD Dissertation: Predicting First-Year Teaching Proficiency.

Eric Phillips

Strategic Advisor

A former Advisor on Sustainable Development for the Government of Guyana, and the CEO of the Green Guyana Expo and International Business Summit, Mr. Phillips has served internationally as Chairman of the Board, CEO, MD, VP, COO, Program Director, and Engineer in seven countries. In the USA, he launched his career as the Project Manager at AT&T Bell Laboratories for the $15B FTS2000 integrated telecommunication project which allowed him, among other factors, to successfully compete to become a 1990-91 White House Fellow. Eric was the only Caribbean educated Fellow of the 700 that have been appointed at that time. A recent recipient of the Golden Arrow of Achievement National Award, Mr. Phillips has lectured in the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (SEBI) at the University of Guyana.

Mr. Phillips holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University and an MBA in Marketing and International Business. He was also selected as one of fourteen fast-tracked MBA-Engineers to spend fourteen months at Stevens Institute of Technology and AT&T Bell Laboratories in the Communications Training Program (CTP) for Telecommunications Engineering.

He is the Chairman of The esseQuibo Group Inc., a consulting firm that advises Guyana Goldfields Inc. (TSX:GUY) which has recently been acquired by Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd (SSE: 601899) (SEHK: 2899) for $323M CAD. Eric has been the Managing Director of AT&T (NYSE:T) Africa &The Middle East, Vice President of AT&T Network Systems, the Managing Director for AT&T Central Europe (Ukraine) and the Deputy Director for AT&T Globalization in Europe. He was also a Director of ASC Inc. in London, United Kingdom. Politically, Eric was the Co-Founder of the REFORM Group in Guyana and the co-Author of the Guyana 21 Plan, a blueprint for Guyana's National Development.

Jennifer Botterill

Performance Advisory Board

As a Binovi Ambassador, Jennifer will promote resources within the Binovi Product Platform that are advantageous to sports performance users. She will also assist with the promotion of Binovi to hockey teams and organizations such as current Binovi users the Dallas Stars and Eli Wilson Goaltending . She represents the latest wave of sport influencers supporting technology alongside traditional coaching methods to help improve the performance of athletes of all ages and skill levels. She is amongst an elite group of female athletes actively incorporating performance technology as a skill development resource.

Dr. Michael Gallaway

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Gallaway is board certified in vision therapy as a Fellow in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), and is a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry (AAO). He has been in private practice in the South Jersey area since 1989, specializing in vision therapy and children's vision disorders. He is also an Associate Professor at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in Philadelphia. In addition to his teaching, he is involved in research in learning related vision problems, amblyopia, vision therapy for convergence insufficiency, and concussion-related vision problems. He has published many articles in optometric journals and has lectured extensively in the US and internationally on children's vision and vision therapy.

Dr. Gallaway was the Principal Investigator at Salus/PCO for CITT-ART, a National Eye Institute funded nationwide study assessing the impact of vision therapy for convergence insufficiency on reading and attention. In 2015, Dr. Gallaway received the Skeffington Award for Excellence in Optometric Writing from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in recognition of his scholarly writing and research over his career. Dr. Gallaway was also the Principal Investigator at Salus University for the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial (CITT), an NIH funded randomized multicenter clinical trial that was published in 2008.

Dr. Gallaway was also an Investigator both in his office and at Salus University for the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) studying the Amblyopia Treatment Studies, which Dr. Gallaway has participated in from 2001 to 2019.

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