Binovi Goes Beyond Fixing Eyes That Simply Can’t Read Letters On An Eye Chart

Trusted By The Chicago Cubs, Dallas Stars, Sporting KC and Many Others

Binovi Technologies Corp Profile

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Trusted And Used By Some Of The World’s Top Professional Sports Teams, Including:




The Latest In Vision Health & Vision Performance Training

Binovi is a software-based, optometrist-lead technology solution designed to get better results, faster.

 Why Invest in Binovi?

  • Binovi Has Already Started Commercializing Its Vision Therapy Platform
  • Clients Include: 
    • Dallas Stars (NHL)
    • Chicago Cubs (MLB)
    • Sporting KC (MLS)
    • Tennis Canada
    • Showcased During NFL Scouting Combine
  • Company's Vision Therapy Products Used In:
    • Over 1,500 Practices
    • 20 Countries
  • Flagship "Binovi" Is State-Of-The-Art Platform
    • Measures 14 Key Vision Skills
    • Essential For Maximizing Brain Performance
    • Shipped Over 400 Binovi Units (April 2020)
  • Signed Sports Vision Partnership With Eli Wilson Goaltending
    • World Leader In Goaltending Development
    • 600 Active Goaltending Camp Participants
    • 50,000 Global Aspiring Goaltenders
  • Binovi is now well positioned to further commercialize and capitalize on massive demand for Vision Therapy and Training For Athletes and Education
  • Since the launch of Binovi, more than 800 organizations have been registered and have used the platform for vision therapy, sports vision performance.
  • These organizations have created nearly 31,000 users, together completing more than 400,000 active sessions centered around the Binovi Library list of activities, custom activities created by member organizations.
  • Announced a strategic partnership with STEM Sports®
  • Expanded its global reseller network with a partnership with Sport-Orthèse ( )

  The BinoviTM Platform

A human performance technology company that has developed a hardware + software centered service platform for vision optimization and enhancement for use in neuro-optometry, vision rehabilitation, and vision performance industries.

Working together under a common banner to help clients gain measurable results in less time, and with less effort.




Impact on Human Performance

Over the past 50 years, neuroscientific research has revealed the role that the brain plays in overall athletic performance, and much of this insight is still emerging. Binovi’s hardware technology is based on the patented Wayne Saccadic Fixator, protected under the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Binovi’s software technology is based on significant clinical and scientific research related to Saccadic Eye Movement and enhanced human visual system capabilities that impact neurological processing.

Binovi is actively engaged in the collection and analysis of data to be able to directly correlate the impact of our technology based on this science and our technology’s ability to increase human physical and cognitive performance.



Binovi goes far beyond fixing eyes that simply can't see a bunch of letters on an eyechart

Delivering higher performing brains by optimizing performance of the eyes.

With this conceptual understanding in mind, you'll be better able to understand the full power of Binovi's ability to help athletes and students make faster, better decisions.

In a world in which competitors are seeking an edge, Binovi vision training develop faster brains to deliver that edge.

And that opens up a massive market opportunity.


Now that you have a baseline understanding of the power of Binovi, the next thing to do is see it for yourself. Watch this videos of Binovi in action, with some really happy users.


 BinoviTM Platform Explained:


  • Vision Therapy captures 3% of a $36B Yearly Vision Market today
  • Vision Therapy will grow by 22% this year and account for 4% of the $39B Yearly Market by year end
  • Sights are set on disrupting the sports performance industry in 2020 while receiving engagement from leaders within the human performance – sport performance industry
  • The size of the sports performance market reached a value of nearly $488.5B in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% since 2014
  • Expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% to nearly $614.1B by 2022


Market Vision



  • Allows clinicians to track patient progress remotely, reviewing profiles at any time, and assigning new and updated treatment plans that update in Binovi Coach in real time
  • Integrated multi-media instructions allow patients to accurately follow their prescribed activities from home as normal, while the included secure messaging allows for communication between patients and their care teams to answer any questions and provide updates
  • In addition, resources in Binovi Academy, part of Binovi Pro, are available to clinicians looking to broaden their knowledge base
  • State-of-the-art platform which measures 14 key vision skills that are essential for maximizing brain performance.
  • Used by professional sports teams and has been tested by more than 1,500 vision performance professionals in over 20 countries
  • Quicky becoming an industry standard in the sports performance enhancement and vision rehabilitation markets




  • Connected through Bluetooth to the Binovi Touch iPad app, a single iPad can control any number of Binovi Touch devices
  • Completely customizable tests can drill down into specific aspects of a patient’s vision skills, or can be broadened to get a bigger picture of how they are progressing new accessories to be used with the new Touch are currently under development, designed for seamless integration with Binovi Touch and the Binovi Touch App, including a number of 3rd-party devices such as heart-rate monitors.





  • A coach ignites passion, motivates, and works with people to help them achieve their goals. Binovi Coach encourages and empowers patients to confidently complete their prescribed home therapy with clarity and guidance.





  • Binovi Kit, a comprehensive collection of industry-standard materials and equipment used to complement home therapy activities.
  • In partnership with Bernell —the largest distributor of vision therapy supplies in North America— we’ve assembled a convenient kit of standard equipment with which therapists and patients are already familiar. Binovi Kit is designed to be paired with Binovi Coach and Binovi Pro, as the activities in the apps are listed and demonstrated with the same materials.

Innovation Milestones

 Binovi Partners

Grapes With CEO's - Adam Cegielski, CEO of Binovi Sits Down With Patrick Wood

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