The pharmaceutical side of psychedelics

Biomind Labs Inc Profile

The Next Generation Of Pharma


Discover the Future!


  • A biotech platform that integrates biology, chemistry, medicine, neuroscience, technology, intellectual property and pharma grade production
  • Particular focus on compound identification, product formulation, clinical trials and innovation in jurisdictions that are expected to provide a fast track in the molecule to market lifecycle
  • Advancing biomedical sciences knowledge and applying it to affordable and modern-day treatments and use cases
  • Combining a unique portfolio of natural psychotropic compounds in development
  • Specialized in potent and fast-acting psychedelics and tailored drug delivery systems targeting specific therapeutic indications



A three-phased expedited strategy

Biomind Is Structured To Vertically-Integrate Across Five Operating Divisions



A Strong Clinical Research Arm

RARAS CRO - A full-service modern, high-tech CRO, driving fast and competitive drug and device development, bridging the gap from innovation to patients

Execution on a clinical trial is critical, to get a successful result in the drug development journey, a strong clinical research arm is a must. In addition to task competence, RARAS members also focus on the relationship with the investigative site staff. Establishing a positive environment with future product prescribers is an important value added to the marketing initiatives of Biomind.


A Robust IP Strategy Based On Novel Formulations & Delivery Systems

Biomind anticipates filing 80+ patent applications within 24 months



BMND Program

Biomind’s BMND Program was created based on disruptive solutions to achieve psychedelic formulations with high therapeutic impact.


Clinical Pipeline Based On Biomind’s Scientific Leader Dr. Araujo First Trial


The Total Estimated Global Psychedelic Market Size Could Be As High As $ 100 Billion

Solution for a collapsed global healthcare system



Comparables Analysis


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