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Message: poised for lift off!

Well I guess I got a little ahead of myself after yesterdays trading. To see the SP hit a high of .73 at one point and then to get "manipulated" back down to .63 was something to watch. And then today, well it just all smells that something is cooking the way Dundee was throwing up thousands of shares on the ask all day. I truly believe this stock has been manipulated for months by: Dundee, National, Anonymous, and TD.

The volume has seemingly come out of nowhere and "we" all know that some sort of MCC deal must be very close to being done. It will be interesting to see if some sort of placement is included in a deal, as the range of the SP has been between .48 - .52 for quite some time. Also, the US decision on Econiche must be getting closer as well since they recently approved a made in the USA vaccine a couple weeks ago.

Its all very frustrating/exciting/irritating/etc etc etc!!!

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