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Message: VIDEO – Bloom Health Partners $BLMH $MHTCF $20m Deal Sets Stage for Occupational Health-Tech Revolution

VIDEO – Bloom Health Partners $BLMH $MHTCF $20m Deal Sets Stage for Occupational Health-Tech Revolution

posted on Nov 07, 2021 08:25PM

As of November 1, 2021, Maitri Health Technologies Corp. has rebranded and relaunched as Bloom Health Partners Inc., adopting the name of the Texas-based firm it acquired in a $20m deal last July. In the process, it has changed its CSE symbol from $MTEC to $BLMH.


But this is more than just a name change.


Combining the very different strengths of both companies, CEO Andrew Morton has laid out his vision for a new entity, which aims to be a pioneer in what it is calling the Occupational Health Tech space.


Aligned Business Strategy


In the months since the deal cleared, Morton and his team have worked to combined the firm’s network of labs and clinical expertise, with a cloud software platform strategy. Bloom, now operating under one brand, is defining 'Occupational Health Tech' as a complete solution for organizations to run safely today and more efficiently in the future.


As an end-to-end provider, Bloom has onsite clinical services, best in class laboratories and advisory services integrated with a data driven digital platform.


Customer Successes, Services and Growth, with Evolving Business Lines


Bloom has clients in Film and TV productions, Fortune 500, Government, Sports and Entertainment. Services delivered include intelligent COVID testing, laboratories and health data management. Bloom is experiencing tremendous demand for testing across the US and Canada from clients looking for a capable health partner that can provide long-term solutions to keep operations running.


With the pending mandates in the United States from Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Biden Administration, organizations with more than 100 employees will be required to either have employees vaccinated or test regularly. Bloom is now seeing demand for testing services among companies combined with demand for the tech platform to manage vaccine requirements.


Bloom software intelligently tracks vaccination and coordinates test status so companies are able to view overall health of their organization, manage risk and comply with the OSHA mandates.


Occupational Health-Tech


Companies are now looking to Bloom's expertise to deliver employee health on-site services with full data management. Bloom is currently delivering services such as flu vaccinations for offices to help them keep employees productive and safe well beyond the pandemic. With an evolution into full service on-site clinics, the data platform provides employers with a secure, anonymized view into the overall health of their workforce.


Bloom's strategy to deliver an end-to-end clinical and data platform has defined a new category: Occupational Health-Tech. 'Occupational Health' helps employers attract and retain the right workers. Bloom integrates technology that enables intelligence to keep their businesses running efficiently in the years to come thus providing clients business continuity and well cared-for employees.


World Class Team


Bloom's board of directors includes former top executives from Bayer, Glaxosmythkline (GSK), Sprint and the current Chief Medical Officer at GE. The management team is made up of top talent with capabilities in software/technology development, health solutions and services, marketing, international business, finance and operations.


Bloom's advisory includes leading subject matter experts from Yale Medical Center, the World Health Organization (WHO), a former secretary of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services and a former executive from J&J among other notable business leaders. Bloom also has a full panel of researchers that provide expertise for client advisory services.


We sat down with Bloom CEO Andrew Morton to discuss the firm’s big plans...

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