Award Winning Plant-Based Comfort Food Company

Products available in ~7000 locations

Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc. Profile


  • 100% Plant-based

  • Non GMO

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Dairy-Free

  • Nutritionally balanced, low in sugar, sodium & calories

  • No artificial flavours or colours 

  • Unique center of plate entrees 

  • Delicious appetizers & sides 

  • Appeals to busy consumers across multiple demographics

  • Competitive price point 

  • 24 plant-based SKU's

  • Alliance with Beyond Meat

  • Award-Winning Products

  • Onboarding ~25 new accounts per month

  • Products in ~7,000 stores

  • Products in Whole Foods, Safeway, Metro, IGA, Choices + many other retailers

  • Save On Foods increases first order from 120 to 170 stores - $100,000 order

  • Distributed by UNFI – one of the largest distributors in North America

  • Recently acquired a vegan powdered cheese company

  • Home delivery in Canada and US

  • Begins U.S exports with 16,000 units

  • 29% insider ownership


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Earlier this month the company announced, Save On Foods Increased First Order of Boosh from 120 

to 170 Stores.


What did Connie Marples, president and founder of Boosh have to say,


"The total Save On order is close to $100,000 in revenues. … Our goal now is to be prepare for

re-orders, and hopefully expand into the refrigerated section with our Mushroom Gravy, Chili

and Sloppy Joe entrees, as well as shelf stable with our newly introduced Mac & Cheeze."


But wait, there’s more…

Last Friday evening the company announced the acquisition of Beanfields.

Why is this important?

Boosh Revenues Surge Over 4,500% On Acquisition of Beanfields

  • Boosh's revenues increase to an estimated $14,500,000 (TTM) (not a guarantee of future performance)
  • Stores carrying Beanfields and/or Boosh increased from 600 to 7,000 affording
    Boosh with the potential of 7,000 more stores
  • Fourth and most significant acquisition in past 12-months
  • Large North American distribution platform






Boosh’s 4 Revenue Streams 

• Organic
Continual growth by selling to an increasing number of grocery stores. Currently there are approximately 15,000 grocery stores in Canada and 42,000 in the US. Boosh is in approximately 440, of which 60% have recently onboarded and began selling Boosh in the past 9 months. 

• Acquisitions
Synergistic, unique private plant-based brands with strong management and the potential for significant upside. Boosh has acquired three companies since Feb, 2021; Vegan Canteen (plant-based powdered cheese), Salt Spring Harvest (vegetable-based pate), and Pulse Kitchen (plant-based, gluten free cheese) 

• Expansion Into US 
Boosh has expanded into the US through two channels; retaining a highly sought after natural food broker with extensive relationships throughout the US grocery industry, and commencing E-commerce via and its affiliates. 

• E-Commerce 

Boosh commenced Canadian home delivery via in Sept, 2021, and is working with its affiliates for a US launch.     




Boosh Food New Stores Count At 25 Per Month, Projects 50 New Stores Per Month by Mid-Year