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Early estimates show a greenhouse can produce twice the amount of marijuana at less than 50% of the cost compared to warehouse production

Message: INTERVIEW: Bougainville Hemp Farm Acquisition Drives It Closer To Vertical Integration
When it went public in September of last year, Bougainville Ventures (BOG:CSE) started out as a cannabis real estate company, providing turnkey greenhouse solutions to tenant growers with a long-term goal of emulating the McDonald's real estate model. That model is still at the core of BOG but company principals are using their expertise to slowly but surely create a vertically integrated powerhouse.  More than just lip service, the Company has announced the following in 2019 and we haven't even hit June yet:
  • April 15 - Acquired an interest in 5 Alberta retail locations
  • April 25 - Binding LOI to construct a Canadian Hemp/CBD processing facility
  • May 14 - Signed A Sponsored Research Agreement With Israeli R&D Company For A CBD Energy Drink
  • May 23 - Acquired An American Hemp production and processing company to produce high-quality CBD extracts
We sat down with Bougainville Director, Richard Cindric to find out how these significant developments all tie in together as the Company races towards becoming a vertically integrated player.
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