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Message: US Demand For Legal #Marijuana Makes Significant Year-Over-Year Gains, Great News For Bougainville

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By: Andrew Ward

Anderson Economic Group's AndCan Index reported increases in legal monthly marijuana demand for the United States on Tuesday. Demand rose in June by 1.7%, the firm said. 

AEG's AndCan Index, which launched in June 2017 and underwent data improvements for its March 2019 benchmarked data release, also reported a 20% increase in year-over-year demand for legal cannabis in the U.S.

The firm reported a similar finding back in March.

Why It Matters

The year-over-year data shows "substantial increase" for U.S. demand in 2019, according to AEG. The consulting firm went on to note that the findings "continue a much longer-term upward trend."

In the report, AEG Consultant & Controller Kenan Cosguner said the numbers followed trends the firm has tracked since it started assessing the cannabis market in 2015.

"While we have sometimes seen a very slight pause in demand, month after month the industry ultimately continues its impressive growth trajectory," Cosguner said. 

While it's not a pause, AEG said "demand was a little softened" by a strong May for the cannabis space.

Source: https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/19/09/14383967/aeg-us-demand-for-legal-marijuana-makes-significant-year-over-year-gains

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