Turnkey Greenhouse Growing Infrastructure

Early estimates show a greenhouse can produce twice the amount of marijuana at less than 50% of the cost compared to warehouse production

Bougainville Ventures Inc Profile

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  • Landlord for licensed marijuana growers in the United States
  • Brilliant business plan that removes all risk and appeals to traditional real estate investors
  • Bougainville does not “touch the plant” by only providing agricultural infrastructure to tenants
  • Converts irrigated farmland to greenhouse-equipped farmland
  • Signed Second Tenant for 21,000 SQF Lease
  • Ready for occupancy
  • Room for expansion
  • JV Agreement with Marijuana Company of America (MCOA:OTC)
  • MCOA invested $1M in cash

Early estimates show a greenhouse can produce twice the amount of product and at least
less than 50% of the cost compared to warehouse production.

Oroville, Washington

  • Construction complete of greenhouse optimized for low-carbon and sustainable operations
  • Facility projected to produce in excess of 12,000 lbs. of high quality cannabis per annum upon completion of all greenhouses
  • I-502 compliant property ready for tenant-grower occupancy
  • Entered into an agreement with Green Venture Capital Corp., to purchase the balance of a 4 acre property
  • 50% + senior water right holder on the main stem of the Eden Valley Aquifer and two supplemental groundwater wells
  • Entered into a lease agreement with a Tier 3 I-502 production and processing license holder
  • Leadership has local farming knowledge and relationships 
  • Room for further expansion

Turnkey Growing Facilities

Development Phases

Legalized States - Cannabis legalization is spreading across the Nation.


Industry estimates show $27 billion in infrastructure will be needed to meet a full legal US market and Washington State alone will need $679 million in infrastructure.

Market Overview

  • Currently up to 650,000 recreational marijuana users in Washington State, worth approximately $1.5 Billion USD in annual sales.
  • Beyond the traditional uses for cannabis, the industry has benefited from edibles and CBD/THC products for medical use.
  • Upward trajectory of growth in the U.S. market is positively forecasted for years to come.

I-502 License Holders Current Challenges

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