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Bravada Gold Corporation Management


& Directors

Lawrence Page, B.A., LL.B., Q.C.
Director & Officer: Chairman

Lawrence Page obtained his law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1964 and was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1965 where he has practiced in the areas of natural resource law and corporate and securities law to the present date. Through his experience with natural resource companies and, in particular, precious metals development, Mr. Page has established a unique relationship with financiers, geologists and consultants and has been counsel for public Companies which have discovered and developed producing mines in North America. Specifically, he has been a Director and Officer of Companies which have discovered and brought into production the David Bell and Page Williams mines in Ontario, the Snip, Calpine/Eskay Creek and Mascot Gold Mines in British Columbia as well as the discovery of the Penasquito Mine in Mexico. Mr. Page is the principal of the Manex Resource Group of Vancouver which provides administrative, financial, corporate and geological services to a number of public companies in the mineral resource sector. He currently serves as a director for six public companies, including Bravo Gold Corp, Duncastle Gold Corp., Fortune River Resource Corp., Quaterra Resources Inc., Southern Silver Exploration Corp. and Valterra Resource Corporation.

Joseph A. Kizis, Jr.
Director & Officer: President

Mr. Kizis is a Registered Geologist with a B.S. in Geology from Kent State University and an M.S. in Geology from the University of Colorado. He has 35 years of experience in exploration for gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, and uranium in the U.S., Canada and abroad. Since 2004 he has been the President and a Director of Bravo Gold Corp and Fortune River Resource Corp, sister companies within the Manex Group of Vancouver. He has held previous executive positions with Fairmile GoldTech, Sierra Geothermal, the Geological Society of Nevada, and the GSN Foundation.

Paul Dircksen

Mr. Dircksen has over 32 years of experience in base and precious metals deposits and industrial minerals. He has been responsible for the identification, assessment, acquisition and subsequent exploration management of five projects with have become significant metal producers including Giilt Edge Mine in South Dakota, Pinson, Preble, Stirling, and Florida Canyon mines all located in Nevada. In addition, Mr. Dircksen has been involved in the exploration and management of three future producing mines - Don Mario Project, Bolivia, Pederson Project, Bolivia and Butte Highlands in Montana.

G. Ross McDonald
Director & Audit Committee member

Mr. McDonald received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in 1964 and subsequently received his designation as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia in October 1968. From 1968 until 1973, Mr. McDonald practiced with Price Waterhouse in Canada and in Australia. From 1974 until 1984, Mr. McDonald worked in private partnerships except for a two year period from 1980 to 1982 when he was a senior officer in a junior resource company. For the past 15 years, Mr. McDonald has been in public practice with his own firm and then joined Smythe Ratcliffe Chartered Accountants in 2005, and has since retired. Working principally with clients related to mining and mineral exploration, he is also involved as director of several junior resource companies.

John R. Kerr
Director & Audit Committee member

Mr. Kerr holds bachelor degrees in applied science and geological engineering from the University of British Columbia. Over the course of a 30+ year career he has been continuously engaged in mineral exploration and has extensive field experience throughout North America. Mr. Kerr has been a geological consulting engineer since 1970 and has held senior positions with a number of public companies, both as an officer and director. He has been involved with the discovery of a number of significant mineral deposits, including two producing mines and two additional projects currently awaiting production decisions.

Scott Hean
Director & Audit Committee Member

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