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Message: Drill Results

Danno 13

I would be very interested in hearing some feedback from the conference if you are able to give a quick update. I, unfortunetly, live at the other end of the country. Also globeinvestor has recently upgraded cbg to 4 stars.

I was able to pick up a few shares with some csg profits after a friend suggested to have a look.

Given the small amount of shares out, and excellent results at Niblack, I would say we are completly under the radar. I have been following daily and there was no indication at all that news was coming or any kind of accumulation. Volume has been very light. I would say yesterday will turn some heads.

From the CBR Gold presentation:

- Niblack has a resource 43-101 of 114K oucnes

- 40high grade occurances along greenstone belt

- 10Million ounce potential - page-15

- take a look at page 19.....puts things into perspective.


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